RaptorXR Dual Channel White Space Broadband Network Radio

The Full-Duplex RaptorXR White Space Radio for Export and US Government is a Complete Broadband Networking Backhaul and Mesh Infrastructure Solution Providing Superior Range, Coverage, and Reliability for Wilderness, Rural, and Urban Operations.

RaptorX Single Channel Broadband Radio
The International RaptorXR offers a number of major features and capabilities to meet the challenging requirements of varied terrain and geographies. The RaptorXR wireless network technology provides the network operator and service provider six major performance advantages providing superior reach and reliability capability over conventional LTE/4G, Microwave and Satellite terrestrial solutions.

VHF/UHF Spectrum Advantage

Operation in the VHF and UHF bands, provides:

  • Provide up to 5 times the range, coverage and penetration than operation in cellular
  • Superior RF reach and coverage in line-of-sight and non-line of sight applications
  • Spectrum Agility and robust OFDM waveform modulation capability avoids interference and maintains throughput
  • Adaptive modulation capability automatically scales payload capacity to meet coverage and capacity demands
  • RaptorXR’s patented Spectrum Management Engine allows band plans to maintain harmonization in a shared service environment
Table 1. RaptorXR Export Range Table

Network Topology Advantage

RaptorXR’s embedded mesh network engine enables deployment of high reliability infrastructure architectures ranging from system critical single-link point-to-point networks to multi-link and ad-hoc peer-to-peer mesh systems. Multi-channel bonding and user-defined redundancy schemes maintain network QoS and system reliability. Additional capabilities include channel (RF) and link bonding to enhance throughput and reliability.

Network Management Advantage

SafariView, RaptorXR’s HTML Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M) tool provides secure local or remote configuration and control of each RaptorXR node and local network interfaces (Windows, Linux, iOS and Android platforms). RaptorXR supports nearly all 3rd party enterprise network management applications including OpenNMS.


Cyber Advantage

The standard RaptorXR embeds a number of Security Monitors and Controls to protect against non-authorized physical and cyber access. RaptorXR’s integrated open access crypto engine can be tailored to support a wide variety of commercial and government cyber defense tools.

Application Versatility Advantage

Reliable communications is core to meeting tomorrow’s objective of secure integrative operations. RaptorXR’s network scalability and versatility allows system planners to conceive, plan, and meet specific range, coverage, security and performance requirements at minimum life-cycle cost in the shortest period.

Economic Advantage

RaptorXR is the low cost solution of choice. Its broad operating spectrum capability and longer reach means less equipment and infrastructure, providing a real alternative to VSAT, microwave, and fiber in challenging environments.


  • Complete Hi-Band VHF and UHF operation: 174-216, 470-602, 620-698 MHz, optional 225-400 MHz Band
  • Nominal 33 dBm (2W) Output over all bands, optional 10 Watt Channel Output Shelf
  • Optimum link performance via automatic end-to-end signal integrity control – maintains maximum throughput
  • Proprietary embedded Spectrum management System maintains best channel operation


  • Supports nearly any terrestrial topological configuration – point-to-point, bonded links, mesh architectures and ad hoc
  • Compatible with all IP based routers, hosts and clients
  • Bond multiple RF channels and links together to increase payload capacity and system reliability
  • Integrated network monitoring and control


  • Single Tx/Rx with diplexer and diversity Tx/Rx antenna options provide maximum range and coverage


  • Meets requirements for Industrial Control System Security NIST Special Publication 800-82 Rev.1 (May 2013)
  • Robust suite of physical, firmware and software tools to secure and defend against field intrusions and data theft
White Space Extends Telecommunications Reach


  • LTE/4G/GSM Range Extension
  • WiFi/WiMax Off-load
  • Rural and Urban Internet Distribution Systems
  • Superior in-building penetration and coverage
RaptorX White Space Industrial Control

Industrial Control and SCADA Systems

  • Oil and gas refineries and distribution networks
  • Water and Waste Water Infrastructure
  • Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Grid
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical processing facilities
RaptorX Transportation Communications

Transportation Systems

  • Intelligent Highway Infrastructure Networks
  • Rail Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Broadband Harbor and Waterway Networks
  • Highway Monitoring and Traffic Control
Harsh Weather Packages and Applications


  • Harsh weather packaging (arctic to jungle)
  • Class 1, Div 2 Packaging available
  • Add-on channel option provides increased payload rates, 1:N link redundancy and fault tolerant operation (requires one or more Channel Expansion shelves)
  • Interfaces for legacy (non-IP) devices
  • Custom DC inputs from 12 VDC to -48 VDC

Standard Frequency Range:
VHF Model174-216 MHz, Channels 7-13
UHF Model470-698 MHz, Channels 14-51
Channel Spacing6 MHz
Channel Bonding and Aggregation4 Channels
Transmission Bandwidth6, 7, & 8 MHz
Frequency tuning steps1 KHz
Primary6.4 lbs (2.9 kg)
Power Supply1.1 lbs (.50kg)
Primary14.5” D x 19” W x 1.75” H (368.3.6 mm x 482.6 mm x 44.45 mm)
Power Supply5.6” D x 2.3” W x 1.46” H (368.3.6 mm x 482.6 x 44.45 mm)
Operating Temperature-10°C to + 65°C (+14°F to +149°F)
Humidity95% Non Condensing
Modulation ModeMinimum Signal Level dBmRequired C/No (dB)Full-Duplex Useful Data (mbps)Equiv T1 Circuits
16 QAM-861012.27.9
64 QAM-781518.612
Adjacent Channel Rejection6 MHz Channel
VHF/UHF> 45 dB (100 KHz off-channel)
AC Input110/240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Consumption80 watts (Single Channel)
RF Channel Output1 Watt Average Power over 6 MHz bandwidth
Payload Encryption128/256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
System Access/Authentication CapabilitiesMultifactor Authentication. Remote Access Token Based Authentication
Authorization and AccountingProtects Against Non-Authorized Administration/ Maintenance and Over-the-Air Access
Information Assurance ToolsIntegrated Firewall and Suite of Information Assur- ance Tools
VLANSupports Multiple Laws; Static and Dynamic
FirewallsRobust Rule Support and Encrypted Download
Dynamic Ad Hoc NetworkAdaptive, self-forming, self-healing network
Network SizeLimited only by available RF channels
Network Capabilities / Single ChannelPoint-to-Point, , Mesh
Network TimingMultiple Network Timing Protocol Options (NTP)
Maintenance / DiagnosticsOver-the-Air Programming, Integrated Web-based Administration, Monitoring and Reconfiguration
System LogsSystem; Security; Authentication; Information flow; Traffic Monitoring and Intrusion Detection
StandardCommon Tx/Rx Antenna
OptionalSeparate Tx and Rx Antennas
Internal 10 MHz Reference± 2.5 PPM, ± 25 Hz
External ReferenceOptional 10 MHz Stratum Input
AntennasDirectional, Omni or Sector
External GPS Geo Location/ ModulesProvides NEMA 0183 format Latitude and Longitude Output
Precision Frequency Synchronization ModuleGPS Disciplined Frequency source (≤ ± .1 ppm), ± 1 Hz

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