Considering Unlicensed White Space Connectivity OEM products for Evaluation and Embedded Applications?

Wireless systems based on unlicensed TV White Space (TVWS) spectrum can solve a wide range of challenging indoor and outdoor wireless connectivity requirements unattainable with WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiMax and Cellular systems.

MSC’s OEM products operating in unlicensed VHF and UHF bands provide connectivity through a wide range of wall materials, between multiple floors, and within a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments.

Fusion products, utilizing TV band white space spectrum along with commodity wireless devices, provide the confidence to offer users total mobile connectivity in almost any type of building or landscape environment.

Our experience in designing, integrating and manufacturing unlicensed TVWS devices is available to support your product objectives.

Our contribution to your product can run the gamut from specification and proof-of-concept demonstration to complete subsystem and product design, support for FCC product certification and manufacture.

White Space Point-to-point and Multi-point RF Modules and Firmware include:

  •  Low-Cost Software Defined Broadband COFDM Tx Modulators (2 to 8 MHz BW)
  •  Useful Data Rate Range: 3 to 30 Mbps – 174-216 MHz and 470-698 MHz, International to 790 MHz . Low-Cost, Low Power, Software Define Broadband COFDM receivers (2 to 8 MHz BW), Useful Data Rate Range: 3 to 30 Mbps – 174-216 MHz and 470-698 MHz, International to 790 MHz.
  • . Highly linear VHF and UHF Power Amplifiers
    • Low-power  15 mW   (12 dBm)
    • High-power .5 Watt (27 dBm)
  • Firmware
    • MSC’s FCC compliant database engine automatically registers each White Space Node

All modules are designed and qualified for White Space FCC Certification i.e. Part 15 Sub-part H .

Seeing is believing; We offer a range of White Space demo equipment for you to evaluate and appreciate the propagation edge TVWS spectrum offers.

To discuss how TVWS and our technology can serve your connectivity needs email or call us.

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