Metric Systems Corporation, With Teleco Systems Inc., Begins RaptorXR Field-Trials across America

The RaptorX series VHF/UHF broadband digital radio systems offer a complete broadband backhaul and mesh infrastructure networking solution.

San Diego, CA – July 22, 2016 – Metric Systems Corporation, (, a San Diego-based manufacturer of digital broadband networking solutions, announced today the beginning of field trials demonstrating its RaptorXR Full-Duplex White Space Spectrum Broadband Network Radio.

Working with Teleco Systems, Inc. of Mequon, Wisconsin, Metric Systems is field trialing the RaptorXR in a variety of urban-to-wilderness settings. Applications range from providing broadband backhaul between elementary schools, commercial and financial institutions, wide-area distribution and back-up scenarios.

Users range from schools, energy utilities, banks, and public safety organizations.

About the RaptorXR

The RaptorXR is the industry’s first Full-Duplex White Space Spectrum Broadband Network Radio. With models available for operation in the VHF (174-216 MHz) and UHF (470—698 MHz) bands, the RaptorXR provides the range and penetration unavailable with microwave based solutions.

User configurable to operate in Point-to-Point or ad hoc mesh configurations, the RaptorXR supports nearly any network connectivity requirement with Full-Duplex rates from 6 to 60mbps. Channel bonding and aggregation provide enhanced transfer rates in challenging geographies and topographies.

For additional product or trial information or to reserve a RaptorXR production system please contact Bill Brown at or 760-845-1874.

About Metric Systems Corporation

Established in 1992 and headquartered in San Diego, California, USA, Metric Systems Corporation (MSC) designs and sells dynamic spectrum access wireless networking equipment and systems to support the connectivity requirements of Business, Industry, and Government.

About Teleco Systems Inc.

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Mequon, Wisconsin, Teleco Systems Inc. specializes in the assessment, engineering and implementation of complex, high performance Wireless LANs, Point to Point, and Point to Multi-Point Wireless Communications. Concentrating in emerging technologies such as MoCA, RTLS and VoIP, as well as traditional WAN/LAN design and implementation, Teleco services the government, education, medical and large enterprise markets. For additional information contact Henry Hile at or 414-350-8218.


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